Strategy is about making choices. The outcome of this is a shared understanding of where the organization is heading, after careful consideration of the environment as well as the strengths, weaknesses, and resources of the organization. Building and obtaining consensus among decision-makers about the choices is a crucial and integral process of strategy making.

This masterclass will examine various strategic challenges faced by companies today from going digital, finding growth, building sustainable advantage, creating value for customers, and capturing emerging markets. The instructor, based on his three-decade experience working with companies across the world and his tenure as head of strategy for the Tata group, will present his unique models of strategy, marketing, and competing in business markets. These models will incorporate examples of best practice from leading companies to help the participants translate into their own context.

The full day workshop will explore strategy and marketing with interactive case studies, lectures, videos, and group discussions. The topics are many but the participants through their interaction with the instructor will guide how much time is spent on the individual topics and the depth of coverage.


  • Understand “what is strategy” and “what is marketing”?
  • Identify a superior, sustainable competitive position for a business unit while keeping the customer in the focus
  • Overcome the challenge of delivering value and ensuring profitability in business markets and in the face of digital transformation
  • Understand the unique roles of shareholders, directors and management in Indian companies